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Image by Augustine Wong

Branding & Web Design

Amy West is a travel expert, TV personality, and author who inspires and empowers women to explore the world with her unique perspective and infectious energy.

The goal was to reflect Amy's dynamic personality and engaging style in the new design. The website redesign focused on creating a modern and clean design that is user-friendly and visually stunning. The e-commerce setup was added to sell Amy's books and other travel products.

Amy was extremely frustrated with the ease of use and aesthetics of her previous WordPress website. However, after moving to Wix, she feels much more confident editing her site and is proud to show off her new website. The new website design is modern, clean, and reflects Amy's boho style, while also being easy to navigate and mobile-responsive.

Overall, the full rebrand and website redesign of Amy West Travel was an exciting and transformative undertaking that reflects Amy's dynamic personality and engaging style. The new logo, brand guide, copywriting, and website design work together seamlessly to create a cohesive and memorable brand that resonates with her target audience of adventurous women.


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