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Image by Augustine Wong

Branding & Web Design

Astutia is a tech recruiting agency specializing in web3 and blockchain companies, helping employers find top talent and job seekers find their dream roles in these cutting-edge fields.

I had the pleasure of working closely with the founder of Astutia, Jon, to bring their brand and website to life. The goal was to create a clean, modern, and symbolic brand that would establish Astutia as a leading recruiting agency in the blockchain and web3 space. The result is a visually striking website with a dark color scheme that conveys professionalism, innovation, and a forward-thinking attitude. The design is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action and informative content about the company's services. Overall, I'm proud of the collaboration with Astutia, and the result is a successful representation of Astutia's brand and values.


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