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Branding, Web Design, & E-Commerce

Passport Philosophy is a boutique e-commerce site offering stylish and practical travel products curated by renowned travel expert and influencer, Amy West. With a focus on quality, style, and utility, Passport Philosophy is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to elevate their travel experience.

I had the pleasure of creating Passport Philosophy's branding and setting up their e-commerce site using Wix. The goal was to develop a brand image that was bright, fun, minimalistic, and feminine, catering to modern travel enthusiasts. The new branding features a bold and playful color scheme and minimalistic design, creating a cohesive and memorable image for the brand. Using Wix, I created an e-commerce platform that was visually appealing and easy to navigate, showcasing Passport Philosophy's curated collection of stylish and practical travel products. Overall, I am thrilled with the outcome of the project, and I believe that the branding and e-commerce site capture the essence of Passport Philosophy and its target audience.

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